Effortless Investor Management
For Companies And Investors Alike

At The Right X, we provide seamless investor management. We look to save companies time and money while giving investors transparent oversight of their portfolios.

We want to provide a competitive, cost-effective solution for investor management without sacrificing functionality or value.

We understand that investors require ongoing updates and support, which often eats into entrepreneurs’ and business owners’ daily operations. That is why we created The Right X to effortlessly share the relevant information, keeping everyone informed in a compliant yet simple-to-use system.

Investors remain informed and confident in their investments while business owners can focus on running their business.

The Right X
For Investors


We equip investors with the information and tools they need to invest confidently, carefully, and efficiently. With a personalised dashboard of your entire portfolio and real-time news and updates of the companies you are invested in, stay in the loop of where your money is. By encouraging user-to-user communication through our bulletin board system, we help you chat with companies and other investors so you can make informed decisions on future investment opportunities.

– One central database for your entire investment portfolio, allowing full oversight of your holdings.
– Real-time news and updates from the companies you invest in.
– Scroll through the news and updates of other companies to explore potential investment opportunities.
– The Right Chat allows you to communicate with companies or other investors to help inform decision-making.
– Trade and sell your investments with other users, confident the dealing is secure and compliant.

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The Right X
For Companies


We take away the tedious tasks associated with investor management to free up business owners’ time and money. Effortlessly communicate with both existing and prospective investors with one-touch news and update sharing and rest assured your register is kept up-to-date, organised, and compliant.

– Effortlessly communicate with investors using one-touch sharing.
– Interface with both existing and new investors, drawing on our extensive network.
– Chat with users via our bulletin board service.
– Our registrar services mean you can step away from admin-heavy responsibilities.
– Secondary market trading allows your investors to trade their investments with other users.
– Benefit from our partner corporate services at a discounted rate.
– The ability to share your news and new investment opportunities not only with current investors, but with thousands of other registered investors.

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